Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cameron: Two Months.

Stats: 11 lb. 11 oz. weight. 23 inches long. 15 1/4 inches head circumference. In the 50th percentile in all three categories!
Size 1 diapers, 0-3 months clothes.

Firsts: First trip to Auburn, first Valentine's Day, first birthday party, first trip to daddy's work, 

Milestones: Rolling over: Mommy left you on her bed on your tummy napping and later heard you crying... Came back upstairs to find you on your back! (You must have been very angry to throw yourself over like that (; We were excited!) Getting better with your head control! 

Food & Sleep: You are such a good eater and sleeper. For most of this past month you were on a strict every two hour eating schedule and then a 6 hour stretch at night. This past week you have been incredible stretching to 3 hours in the day and going sometimes 7 hours at night! You have been sleeping a lot until the last few days. We have been fighting daytime naps, but we are so thankful you are continuing to sleep well at night! 

Our days: We pretty much go with the flow of the day. You sleep well in your carseat and in the car so for now you are pretty easy going! (I'm so thankful for that!) Right now you are fighting naps so I'm trying to have you home by one for a good nap in your crib!

Favorites: Mommy loves when you talk to us with your coo's! Daddy loves when you smile at him

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, Buddy

Photos of your second month:

Enjoyed watching Auburn beat Alabama on tv! War Eagle to that! Finally taking to the paci!

Went to see daddy at work! Got crafty and made Valentine's for my grandparents!

Met my great grandmother on her birthday! This is our four generation picture!

Had fun with my cousin Caroline in Auburn one weekend!

Mom made me have a Valentine's day photo shoot!!

I'm starting to smile and talk to my toys!

Loved spending the day with my cousin Tucker!

Went to Parker's first birthday party!

I really cannot believe how much my love for you has grown. I didn't think it was possible. But my heart literally wanted to jump on to the table when you were getting your two month shots! As I drove home from the doctor I really couldn't get over the love I was feeling for you. I love you my CamMan. Every moment... feeding you, making you smile, picking you up when you're crying, snuggling in my bed in the morning, running errands, going on walks, showing you off, everything.

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