Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cameron: One Month

{I can't believe mom is making me take these pictures!}

Stats: 9 lb. 6 oz. I believe were going to have a chunker on our hands :)  50th percentile! 21 3/4 inches long 60th percentile

Firsts: Basically everything he does is a first (which is very fun!). We got to see his first smile! He took his first sponge and regular bath! Went to his first doctor appointment! Met family! Stayed at Pops and Cece's without Mom and Dad! Trip to Huntsville! First basketball game!

Milestones: Umbilical cord stump fell off, sleeping in your bed for nap, outgrowing newborn footie outfits, sometimes following things with your eyes- when you want to!

Food: We are breastfeeding and boy have we made progress since our first few days. We still both get frustrated sometimes! You are a pretty slow eater, taking around 45 min every 2 hours in the day and only waking up once around 3:30 at night. When you are well fed you are a happy little boy. Mom gets most frustrated when you fall asleep while eating! I try to tickle your feet to wake you up! So far I'm not feeling that wonderful bond through breastfeeding, but I assume as we both get better at it I may enjoy it more!

Sleep: For the first four weeks we let you be in control of everything, I fed you when you were hungry and we let you sleep when and wherever you wanted. When you hit four weeks, we decided to try getting some kind of little tiny schedule-ish thing going on.

Our days: A consistent schedule would be a joke, but this is what we typically do and what we are striving for. You wake up around 7:30 and eat. You are super content and chill after this and we usually lay around in bed and take a nap around 9 till 10:30. You are awake till around 1 and you sleep in your bed for a two hour nap. After that we hang out till you get tired, usually around 6. Then you are up till bed time pretty much which is at 11 or so. You usually wake up around 3:30 to 4:15 and then are asleep till 7:30. We are working on getting some more sleepy time in there. You are awake a lot!

Favorites: Mommy loves when you show us a big smile or make your birdie sounds! Daddy loves when you just relax and chill on his belly.

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, Birdie

Photos of your first month:

Our 2nd night in the hospital. Little did we even know then how much this little guy was going to change everything!
First sponge bath!
Wearing a "First Christmas" outfit to celebrate with the Watfords the day after we got out of the hospital!
Survived our first photo shoot- Newborn photos!
Big yawns when I'm sleepy!

Sporting my Under Armour sweatband from Uncle Blake!
Our first trip to the grocery store!
I've done really well at the doctors office so far! I was wide awake for my 2 week appointment!
Sleeping on daddy on a Saturday morning! {One of Mommy's favorite pictures}
I love to get snuggly in my cozy swing!
Hanging with Pappy watching Coach Malzahn on the ipad!
After Daddy's basketball game!

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