Monday, January 14, 2013

Nursery Reveal.

I hate that I couldn't get this posted before Cameron came, but we had some issues with our rocking chair. It originally took forever to come in... then it was the wrong color when it finally did come in. So, we got the right one about a week after Cameron arrived- so happy to have it now!

My original concept for his nursery was grey and white. I knew I wanted to atleast make the bedding useable for a baby girl (if that's in our future). So I thought, for my CamMan we can do grey/white with orange and if a girl ever comes along we will switch out the orange for a pink or yellow.

Let me tell you... I LOVE how it turned out. Can I post it all over pinterest and be repinned millions of times?! Haha, I'm thinking crazy here... but that is how much I love it!

We knew originally we would have a space issue. We wanted to incorporate a single bed for our house guests, and since we had little space we decided to take the closet doors off and use that in our space. It is more "full" then I would prefer but we are working with what we have!

*Thanks to everyone that helped with our nursery. My dad made the door headboard! Aunt Susan made the crib bumper and skirt! Mammaw made the throw pillows and crib sheet! Jeanna made the wreath (that we also used at the hospital)! Katherine made the CAMERON banner! Meagan made the BoyOhBoy banner! And Nan & Daddy Butch, Pappy & Gigi, and Pops & Cece for the crib, dresser, and rocker!


  1. Summer, it looks awesome! The color scheme is great. And all of your little details are spot on!!

  2. Great job, Summer! It all looks perfect.

  3. Looks amazing!! :) Love it! Congrats to the both of you! I am so happy for ya'll!