Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh baby.

{April 27th} The plan was to wait till Friday. A whole week of waiting. This would make me 5 days late.

Thankfully it wasn't too painful because I'm reallllly good at being a debbie-downer {ask my hubby!}. Convincing myself... "it doesn't happen that fast!"

During my lunch break I ran by CVS to get a pregnancy test {yeahhh, they were on sale}. Our deal has always been we wouldn't take one unless we were together. So, more waiting. 

5 o'clock finally came around, finally! The whole drive home it was in the back of my mind, but I continued to do a great job on convincing myself it couldn't be!

Straight to the bathroom I went when I walked in the door. Those results come quick ya know? I immediately said "Oh, Matthew." He didn't know if that was a happy or sad remark! With a quick "come in" he joined me in the bathroom and we looked in disbelief! 

Then there were tears, hugs and kisses. And then hubby ran around the room- literally! Up and around and on the bed... nuts! It was surreal. 

Then came the camera and pictures. Then a celebration dinner to cheap Chinese at the mall. It was perfectly wonderful.

{April 28th} The next day we headed to Huntsville {Thankfully this was already planned!}. Mom, dad, Liz, and Mammaw were going to be getting in late- like midnight late. So we figured we would feel it out and decide weather to tell them that night or the next day after church. When they commented Liz and Mammaw were heading back to AU fairly early I knew we had to get it done! I told mom we would go ahead and give her an early Mother's Day gift. So I ran in the other room to grab a Gigi's cupcake and an AU bib for dad. I watched mom struggle to open the Gigi's box. I was SOOO anxious. When she just about had it opened I threw the bib at dad. They looked at their tags in disbelief. Dad's said "Baby Watford loves Pappy!" and mom's said "Baby Watford loves Gigi!" Then there were hugs and tears. Are you seeing a trend here? We ended up staying awake till 1:30 am. You know if Mammaw stays up that late- somethings up!!

{April 29th} Sunday before heading out of town we went to Wade & Amy's house to surprise them! I told them we got a little something for Tatum... we just couldn't help it :) She pulled out a cute little outfit and commented about it. I said there's a card in the bottom. She read it and shrieked! Wade was on the other side of the room and was completely confused! Tatum was a little shaken up after mommy gave a scream! {haha} Then there were more hugs! 

{The card says: Tatum,  I love you! Love Cousin Baby Watford}
When we got back to B'ham we had arranged to bring Mike & Cathy a "workout gift" since we were soo proud that they were starting Insanity. Right when we were about to hand the gifts to them Mike says, "Did yall bring us a baby?" Wayy to ruin the surprise there Pops! {ha} They opened them and it took a second to process and then Cathy screamed! Then there were tears and hugs. 

We got to call Michael & Stacy and Meaghan {Brandon was out of town} and share our happy news. Meaghan was really excited to be an aunt since it will be her first time :) I'm so excited our babies will be so close in age. It's going to be so fun! {She is due Nov. 26th} And then we skyped with Blake and Katherine. I got her to show us around their new place and they were super surprised! I told Katherine I was so happy to get to be pregnant at the same time as her, even if its just 2 months {She is due June 27th}

SOOO, if you got through all of that: WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!

Symptoms so far. Initially for about the first two weeks I was super fatigued all day every day! Since then I've had the occasional morning and/or night sickness- mostly just anytime I'm stubborn and don't eat often enough. As long as I eat something small basically every two hours I feel pretty good.

We feel extremely blessed in everything thus far. God is great!

We had our first doctor's appointment on May 8th. We were super anxious and ready to go to get that initial confirmation that everything we were experiencing was indeed true! Well we had an ultrasound and we got to see our precious little grain of rice. That heart was beating so strong- such a blessing. My doctor confirmed that all looked normal and we are on our way! We go back on June 11th for blood work and to hopefully hear the heart beat! Little baby Watford has some growing to do :)

{See that little line there?! That's Baby Watford! Teeny-tiny!}
So as of today I am 7 weeks and 2 days. Our little blueberry is forming ears and limbs as we speak! Me and Matthew look forward to the weeks and months ahead as we prepare to welcome this precious little one into our lives. We are beyond excited!!


  1. SO excited for you guys!! AHH still can't believe it!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!! What AMAZING news! Congratulations you two! (This is Shelby Rae BTW lol)

  3. I am BEYOND excited!! :) Woo hoo!!