Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Year.

I absolutely cannot believe that one year ago {from last Monday} I got to marry my best friend.

This past year has truly been the best of my life. Matthew has been the biggest encouragement and blessing in my life on a daily basis. I knew that my heavenly Father had a sweet man for me somewhere and I'm so glad he brought him into my life in His perfect timing. What a blessing!

Welllll sorry, no fun trip to report on- since we are quite budget strapped here lately we decided to celebrate with something kind of more sentimental!

On Tuesday we both got off work early and met up to head to Montgomery. We decided we would go to Sinclair's- the restaurant Matthew took me on our first date! {We planned to go bowling too, since we also did that on Feb. 8th 2010, buttttt we canceled last minute on that!}

It was nice and relaxing to have that uninterrupted quality time in the car and then a yummy dinner!


On the way home we stopped by Peach Park in Clanton and had some ice cream for dessert! YUM!

I look forward to every day waking up beside Matthew and learning to love him more!

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  1. YAY!! I cannot believe it has been a year! Love y'all! :)