Friday, May 4, 2012

High 5 for Friday.

HIGH FIVE- It's Friday!!
I've been waiting for you all week Friday! So glad you have finally come to hang out!

#1. Last weekend! It was such a fun time! I felt like it had been quite a while since we had been to Hunstville. It was so wonderful to just be there!
#2. Overtime! I have mixed emotions on this one! It's great because I get paid more and extra and I also got free lunch twice this week {yum!} Buttttt, it kinda sucks because I'm tired. I need a lunch break people!
#3. Crafts! I've been working on my chalkboard silver trays! I'm so excited to get them done and all hung up!!
#4. Bible study! I literally felt like it had been FOREVER since I had been with the girls so it was so wonderful to catch up {and have some quality time with sweet little Parker!}

#5. Sunny sunny! It's been so sunny and wonderful! I love and prefer the warm weather!


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