Sunday, June 10, 2012


Did you notice? I've been completely MIA since I broke the baby news. Well that may tell you a little bit about how my life is going. I'm tired 90% of the time. Not like, Oh yeah I'm kind of tired... like OMG I'm about to fall over asleep!

Pregnancy has been pretty good to me so far I think. I had about 3 intense nauseous weeks. The rest has consisted of fatigue, lack of appetite, and having an upset stomach a lot! I feel like I can't complain too much though! I feel blessed, to say the least!

Well, lots and lots has been going on. May and into June always proves to be busy busy.

Over Memorial Day Weekend we all headed to Florida for some R&R down in Blake and Katherine's neck of the woods. It was wonderful. I love love love getting to spend time with my whole family. We couldn't believe that it worked out for everyone to make it. It was so fun to enjoy this special time with Blake and Katherine before little Caroline makes her entrance! We had a great time enjoying some sun and just having fun together. I wish it was a longer vaca but we will just have to wait till next year for that. {when we are +1}

Blake kissing Caroline underwater :)

The fam was so sweet to shower me with some birthday love while were down at the beach! It was a great start to my birthday week.

AND if you know me you know I loveeee birthdays. So on that Wednesday my birthday day had come around. This was a first for me because I have never worked or had school on my birthday in my entire life. Helllllloooo to the real world. Nah, it wasn't too bad.

My fabulous coworkers made it much more enjoyable at work! For one thing I happen to work with a birthday twin of mine! They got us balloons, cookie cake, Chickfila for breakfast and sweet gifts!

Then that night me and Matthew went to Olive Garden for dinner and went to see What to Expect when Expecting... OMG like my favorite movie!! It was so fantastic, I laughed and I cried and I laughed some more!! And I can't forget what my sweet hubby got me for my bday!! My long awaited Silhouette!!

I'm in love!! I've had so much fun playing already and can't wait to take on so much more with it :)

SO, I guess we are all caught up! Matthew's birthday is a short three days away. Can't wait to celebrate!!!
And just to inform ya... I'm planning to start my baby updates on my 12 weeks! Thats one week from tomorrow!! We have a doctors appointment tomorrow, can't wait!!

OH, and one of my best friends got married!

Happy weekend :) Back to the grind tomorrow...

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