Monday, September 2, 2013

AU vs. Washington State.

The much anticipated first fall football weekend has come and gone. I'm happy to report that we loaded up on Friday afternoon and headed South for some good 'ole Auburn football fun. 
We met up with Pappy & Gigi in Athens to hop in their car and catch a ride. Cameron truly was such a wonderful passenger all weekend! {We are so thankful for easy car rides!}
We made a quick stop right outside of Birmingham to grab some bbq on the way and then we were full steam ahead for AU. 
There's nothing like being in Auburn on a home game weekend. If not for all the fun buzz around the city... then just for the amount of family we get to spend time with! We enjoyed time with Robyn & Greg, Tyson, Donnie, Grandmother & Grandaddy, Steven & Tyler, Ken, Alison, and Anna and of course Liz too! 
Saturday morning Cam made sure we were up early and ready for game day :) After me and Pappy went for a jog we all got ready for the day! We went and pregamed with a bbq lunch at Grandmother's house! It included good food, football on tv, and fun family.

A few hours before gametime me, Matthew, his friend Freddy (Matt Frederick), and Cameron loaded up to head to campus. We had to make sure we got plenty of pregame activities in since it was Cameron's first gameday! He was not in a very smiley mood but I do think he enjoyed taking in the sights! Our first stop was Tiger Walk! We got there a few minutes early so I took a quick few shots of my little guy.

{I may be kind of partial to those blue eyes and chubby little hands.}

Matthew held Cameron while we watched Tiger Walk. I'm sure Cam thought it was pretty humorous to see all of us hoop'n&holler'n over these men walking by. We were most excited to see our new head coach, Gus Malzahn walk by! 

Matthew always recognizes most of the players. I'm so glad to have him there to tell me who is who. I'm sure Cam will be too one day :)

After Tiger Walk we made our way through the busiest part of campus and went to the Alumni tailgate tent! We always love to stop by there because alumni members get free MommaG's sandwiches, hotdogs, popcorn, chips, cookies, and drinks! We also run into a lot of family there!

We finally made it to our seats about a half hour before kickoff! We are so thankful to have Mammaw and Diane to share their tickets with us when they aren't using them :)

Before half time I met up with Gigi to let her take Cameron home! He did so great, but it was a late game so I knew he needed to get home! But before leaving we hung out under the stadium for awhile and took some fun pictures! Cameron must have gotten a second wind!!

{We love our little Tiger so much!!}

It was a very hot day and continued to be very warm that night. Gigi got a wet paper towel and Cameron REALLY enjoyed it :) 

We were so happy to beat Washington State and become 1-0! Since we now live ~5.5 hours away we know we won't be visiting the Loveliest Village on the Plains as much as we would like! But a victory when we are there is always a good thing!!

So I would say Cameron had a wonderful first gameday and game experience!! He was such a trooper and did great the whole day :) I'm sure we will have him saying "War Eagle!" in no time!!

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