Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cameron: Eight Months.

Stats: No official stats this month. 
Size 3 diapers, 6 months clothes (still a few 3-6 & 6-9 months too).

Firsts: First time spending the night at Pops and Cece {mom & dad were there too!}, first move {to Nashville!}, first tooth, first time eating squash {and I can't keep up with the new foods anymore!}, first storytime at the library, first time to stroller strides, first time staying at Wade & Amys, first time running at the Ag Park, first time meeting baby Kaden at Brookwood!

Milestones: You now can go from sitting up to being on your knees and belly. Just at the end of this month you started army crawling on hardwood!

Food & Sleep: You have been such a great baby this past month! You nurse around 5:30 or 6am and then usually go back to sleep for awhile and then I feed you again around 8:30 or so. You eat some breakfast a hour or so later. You take a nap sometime between 11:30-2 {depending on the day} then I nurse you when you wake up. You eat some lunch an hour so after nursing. You nap again around 4-6pm and I nurse you again when you wake up. You eat your dinner around 7 or so before bed! We try to have you in bed by 8 and on good nights you sleep the whole night :)

Our days: Well most of it is taken up by the eat/sleep schedule listed above. But we also go workout with Stroller Strides MWF mornings. I usually take you out on a run on Tuesday mornings and we run with dad when he gets off work on Thursday. Weekends have been crazy this month with lots of traveling {moving to Nashville & trips to Huntsville and Birmingham. 

Favorites: Mommy loves to watch you "cruise" (slowly) around the coffee table!. Daddy loves for you to walk while holding his hands!

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, Big boy, Little Man.

Cameron, we love your sweet sweet smile and giggle. You make us so happy when you smile so big when we get you out of your crib! You are getting more and more adventuresome every day. We have loved watching you change so so much! You are such a big boy now! We look forward to all that is to come! We love you sweet boy :)

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