Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Glow in the Park 5k.

My last hurrah in Birmingham consisted of running... now that doesn't sound fun does it? Well it is when you add glow paint + glow powder + glow foam + glow necklaces + light rings + sweet friends. Yes, so fun. I was happy to be able to do one more thing before moving and I'm so glad I got to do it with my sweet friends Anna and Kristen! 

Now me and Anna aren't very hardcore runners... we try, but we fail. So Kristen was sweet enough to slow down and hang with us and we all had a good time! :)

This is what everyone looked like out there... the paint didn't glow too well :( This is Kristen and Anna running fast:

I think our shoes glowed more than us! 

Post race with the black light. 

Thanks for doing one last fun thing with me girls!! Sweet memories for sure! Miss yall!!

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