Friday, September 13, 2013

Tennessee State Fair.

Friday night we loaded up and caravanned on over to the state fair grounds with the Odom and Cochran families. We were pleasantly surprised with awesome weather around 70 degrees! 

After parking and making the trek to the gate we headed for the animals! Cows, chickens, and sheep. Cameron was amused by those big ole cows walking right in front of him! 

He didn't show too much interest to the chickens since they are smaller and in cages. That coop was loud and a bit stinky for my taste. We borrowed some shoes from Tucker to keep our feet warm! I thought they made him look like such a big boy!
We couldn't go to the fair and not eat some junk food! We had some cotton candy and a funnel cake just to get that blood sugar up ;) It was delicious of course!

Once it got darker it got a little more chilly and we had to bundle our baby up. Unfortunately we think he's bringing on a cold (hopefully just from teething!) so we left pretty soon after. He was getting nice and sleepy too!

All in all it was a fun night at the fair for our little family :) Wouldn't trade my two boys for anything! 

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