Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Sick Saturday.

Well, I guess we could say "one sick Summer." Since the cold weather has taken over and these kiddos at school decide to give away all their lovely germs I've been hit hard with just about everything. Last week I had an all too lovely stomach pain/virus and as soon as that started dying down I began to have throat issues... which so nicely turned into a 100.9 temp and aches, shivers, coughs and sniffles. Thankfully my fever has gone down and I'm able to "relax" semi-comfortably. I'll tell you what, I've sure made a day of it. I'm on my fourth movie :)

So on a much happier note, last weekend I got to go see my sweet sweet Tatum :)
She is the sweetest little thing ever.
Another update is that Matthew is gone. Left me and moved to Birmingham. What a horrid thought! It's been tough, but I'm making it. I'm hoping it will make the 84 days we have left FLY by!

So here's to February, and Valentines without my Valentine. March... hurry up and get here!

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