Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Reunions.

Being apart from Matthew during his internship this spring sure does make me LOVE our time together. I'm so completely thankful for every minute.

Last weekend I got to venture to Birmingham for a fun family filled weekend! Meaghan and Brandon had come up to visit and we all had a blast! I was still in my sickness and it just kept getting worse. So, by Saturday afternoon I was at the Hoover Urgent Care ready to be called from the waiting room to drug me up :) And boy did they... I left that place with a shot and two prescriptions and "yay" they worked!! We've started the apartment hunting for the fall and it's a little bit fun! It for sure makes me feel super grown up though! We visited one, and really liked it but aren't sure its perfect for us though!

This weekend was even better because my mom and Matthew ventured down to Auburn to see me! Matthew took me out on a date night and it was oh so fun. Hamilton's never disappoints. Y-u-m. We also took our routine trip out to BestBuy to browse all the stuff we would love to own. They had a Xbox Kinect set up and we attempted to play. It was hilarious, and SO fun! But the more fun we have together while he's here makes it oh so much harder when he leaves! It sure makes us want 69 days to past lightning fast!!

BUT he will return on Friday. We have premarital counseling on Saturday. Eck- I will be preparing for it ALL week!

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