Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We are the Champions.

I currently reside in the beautiful town of Auburn, Alabama... now HOME to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

what. a. game.
what. a. night.
what. a. victory.

I am so sad that I was unable to spend tons of money and actually go to the game (hey, I'm getting married instead!). But celebrating at Toomers with thousands of my closest friends was a pretty close second to going to the game!

I love that our last, most memorable game didn't leave Cam in the glory all by himself. I love how our team celebrated so much with Kodi when he finally scored this season. I love that Auburn took over the stadium with a 70:30 ratio. I love that Oregon fans came to watch our famous Tiger Walk. I love that a majority of our players and coaches always give Glory to God first in all their speeches/interviews. I love that Auburn football is a family affair.

War Eagle!

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