Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum.

Tonight was the last basketball game to be played at Beard-Eaves. We actually won, so it was super great to end on a good note! After the game they had a "closing ceremony" that was all sentimental. I just think its funny because I'll be in there again for gymnastics on Friday (the official last sporting event) and graduation in May. So basically there are many more memories to come!!
Yay, another meal under my belt. Instead of doing the chicken and dumplings like I said (I didn't have enough time for that) I made a pot roast with veggies tonight! It was another success! We had our engaged friends Lauren and Kyle over so I was a little nervous to serve something I had never cooked before but it turned out just fine! I realize the pictures don't look too appetizing... just take my word for it! I'm not sure what next weeks meal will be yet. I guess I'll let Matthew go through the cookbook and pick one :)
So, Im not sure why but lately I've been in meltdown mode. I don't really know where this silly girl came from because I used to know how to keep it all together! Anyways, the most recent meltdown was due to the pressures of figuring out everything after graduation and my job and such. Going through that is such a good reminder that I'm not in control, thankfully, and to put my total trust in God. He holds my future and I'm so happy to know that. Lately I've been reading through 1st Samuel about David- and Saul's pursuit of him. David trusted in God so much. So many times (I've read about two so far) he had the opportunity to kill Saul and get out of the danger he was in. But he knew that Saul was anointed and wasn't to be messed with. He let God hold his future and everything that was to come for him- when he could have so easily taken it into his own hands. So often I need to be reminded to be more like David and let God be in complete control and take comfort in knowing He is in control!

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