Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rylin: Seven months.

Stats: Nothing official this month.
Size 2 diapers and 6 or 6-9 months clothes.

Firsts: First "stay home from church" sickness, first time riding in the shopping cart sitting in the big kid seat with big bro, first Thanksgiving, first black Friday shopping, first Iron Bowl (we lost!), first Christmas party at our house! 

Milestones: Sitting up!! 2 first teeth! (both on the bottom!) Basically you are just so old. So much opinion and personality! 

Food: Right now we are doing baby food once in the morning and once in the evening. Besides that you are continuing to nurse every 3-4 hours. Usually eating for about 10 minutes! 

Sleep: You've had a pretty good stretch of sleep here lately. We continue to put you down around 7 and you will sleep til about 6am and I will feed you and lay you back down. Naps are still a struggle and I imagine that is just because you are baby #2! We can't seem to keep things consistent enough to figure it all out. But when I do put you down you typically will sleep at least an hour and a half! 

Our days: Here lately we have been keeping it pretty easy going... You get out of bed around 7:30 and I nurse you and then we play till about 9 and you eat some breakfast. After a bit you usually go down for a nap and then we pretty much repeat the cycle again when you wake up. :) After your next nap is usually when you are up the longest... watching me cook dinner, playing with toys, and of course watching your big bro! 

Favorites: Mommy and daddy are loving you being able to sit up!

Oh pretty girl, how can these days be going by so quickly. Can't believe you are 7 months and getting ready to celebrate your first Christmas. You are so adorable and so fun. You are getting more and more opinionated, so this momma has to stay on her toes between that and big brother who is almost 2! We are so so thankful for your sweet self and can't wait to see all that you become! We love you pretty girl :)

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