Thursday, January 1, 2015

Favorite 10 of 2015.

Favorite 10 of 2013.
I know I say this every year I post a favorite 10... but really, what a blessed, blessed year it has been. The Lord has been good and is so faithful in all that we do and accomplish! Thankful for that!!

#10. Gatlinburg mini vacation.
We had such a blast taking our little family to Gatlinburg just for a night. We've never done anything vacation like with just our little family (and definitely not as a family of 4). So we really enjoyed this special time together even if it just involved Redneck downtown Gatlinburg, shopping, eating, and a little time by the pool! 

#9. Auburn football.
This is just always on my list. Our family loves loves all things Auburn, not just the football... so that makes it extra special when we get to head to our favorite city, with two cute babies in tow, for the weekend. There's not much better than a Saturday filled with tailgating and then a warm evening in Jordan Hare watching our Tigers!

#8. Thanksgiving on the farm.
We had the extra treat of celebrating Thanksgiving with our Watford family on the (Scott) Palmer farm. The kids loved the open spaces and animals. The hay ride was a personal fave. If it would have been a tiny bit warmer it would have been perfect.

#7. Mammaw's wedding.
Our dearest 78 year old Mammaw got married to her love, Bob Smith, mid July. We were so happy to celebrate our Mammaw being so happy! They are one of the most active 75+ couples I know. Lots of nights out for shows and dinners. We so enjoyed having all of the Thaxton fam together!

#6. New family.
This year we got to add more family! Every year it just keeps getting better and better. Sweet Sullivan James joined Blake, Katherine, & Caroline in Florida in early September! He is just the perfect addition and we loved meeting him this fall and getting to know him at Christmas. Another sweet baby, Ellie Palmer, joined Brandon, Meaghan, & Tucker in Ohio in late September. She is just the cutest and a really perfect little cousin for Cameron and Rylin. 

#5. Family moves to Nashville.
One big highlight this year, obvious since its #4 huh?!, is having family in Nashville with us! We love love having both Curtis families in town. Kendrick, Kathy, Margaret, and Madeline literally live a couple miles down the road. And Dustin, April, and Emmaline came in May (even stayed at our house for a week or two) and live fairly close in Smyrna!

#4. Cameron turned 2.
I don't know how it is possible that our first child is two. He is a joy to have around, although I see those terrible two's come out to play every once and awhile. He loves all things transportation: trains, planes, cars, and trucks! He's so silly and is typically very sweet to his little sister. We skipped out on a party this year but enjoyed spending time with family around the holidays to celebrate.

#3. Homeowners. 
We became real grown ups in February and bought our first home. To say we have enjoyed it would be an understatement. It truly has made Nashville home for us.

#2. Third anniversary.
We made it to number 3. I can't even begin to describe what this marriage and this man means to me. He holds it all together for me. He handles my craziness like a pro! The first three years is just a teeny tiny glimpse of what is to come for us. We look forward in anticipation.

#1. Rylin Elaine Watford.
On May 12th our life changed for the better. Our sweet little first girl, Rylin Elaine, joined our family... making us a happy little family of four. She's just the sweetest. 

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