Monday, April 14, 2014

#2: Week 35.

{33 1/2 weeks. Destin, FL}
{Week 35}
I kid, I kid... but this picture is hysterical. 
So it's been quite some time since I last updated on the blog. Things are moving fast and time is flying even faster. If you can't tell I've grown quite a bit in the last few weeks. Here's two more belly pics... one with my SIL Meaghan and the other with my SIL in Katherine who are both due with another addition to the fam in Septemeber!!

So pregnancy update. I feel huge and want to have this baby ASAP. Okay, but not really. Maybe 3 more weeks would be good! {haha} Things are continuing pretty smoothly. On the eating front, I've got the munchies basically all the time. Chicken coming from my kitchen is still pretty much a no go... which Matthew is about to kill me over. Not really, but it does make dinner time difficult! Sleeping is rough. Sleeping on my left side is my least favorite so every time I wake up I've moved and I have to roll my big belly back to my left. Just in this last week I've had to make around 3 trips to the bathroom every night. Little miss Rylin must be sitting on my bladder! Thankful for no insomnia once again so far though! I've had what seems like WAY more braxton hicks thus far compared to last pregnancy. They are very uncomfortable but nothing painful of course! Oh, and something I'm pretty pumped about... STILL wearing my wedding rings! I looked back and last pregnancy I took it off around 33 weeks I believe! {Woohoo!} I went on a little shopping spree this past week and bought some pink for my little girl's room. It's odd to not be setting up her room since we won't move her into the nursery until I'm ready to move her out of our room and to upstairs/move Cameron to a big boy bed! But I do want to be prepared and have stuff ready for an easy transition! I still continue to be super sore after working out and exercising. I'm hoping it will pay off after she's born since it's made this pregnancy significantly more difficult than the last. I will go to the doctor next week {at 36 weeks} and Dr. Samples will check me and see if any signs of labor have started! Fingers crossed!!

Until next time, maybe I'll be more frequently since I'm only a short 5 weeks away from our due date :)

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