Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cameron: 15 months.

Somehow we are already to Cameron's 15 month date. Time is literally flying by as we are preparing for baby Rylin to arrive but also enjoying these sweet, fun moments with our sweet boy.

Stats: 24 lbs (45%) 30.5 in (25%)

I think Cameron has changed significantly since his first birthday. He seems SO old to me now. He has such a big personality- usually used for good... flirting, loving, being sweet; but also sometimes for throwing a good fit for not getting what he wants. He has started saying some words. I would say he consistently says dada, mama, ball, bye bye, no, yeah. With some convincing he will sometimes say baby, please (which comes out more like cheese), something similar to "thank you," sometimes Gigi/Cece,  and I'm sure there's a few more. He loves to give sweet kisses by smacking his lips together when asked for a kiss (most likely my favorite thing he is doing now!). Cameron LOVES to be outside.  He will let you know he is not a happy camper if you try to bring him in before he is ready. He still loves to eat but is a bit on the picky side still- who's surprised there?! His favorites are bananas, chicken nuggets, most fruits, spaghetti, oatmeal mixed with applesauce, and yogurt. Most everything else is hit or miss... we have got to work on him eating more veggies! We have been in a transition for naps lately. I think we have settled on one nap a day. He typically wakes up between 6:30-7 and we try to get him to nap around 12:30 to (in my ideal world) 3:30. Then he's in bed for the night between 7-8. I love my awesome night sleeper though!! We enjoy having some social time at Stroller Strides 3 times a week. All of the older kids love "baby Cameron" and want him to play with them! Sometimes Cam isn't so sure about these big kids. He's doing well at church, still cries when we initially drop him off but quits and has fun after that!

In the past few months we enjoyed celebrating Cameron's second Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. I had a blast dressing Cam in his cute, festive shirts! (He is in the hard to capture a clear picture stage!!) Looking forward to Easter next month!

We also FINALLY got to get Cameron's 12 month pictures made! Now, we still haven't gotten them in hand yet just seen these peeks but progress none the less.

We really have just so enjoyed seeing Cameron become a little boy. Sometimes he does something and I just think, goodness he's not my little baby anymore! I know more and different challenges come with every age but I am definitely enjoying this stage! Looking forward to see him transition to a big brother. I'm hoping he will be young enough that we won't have to worry about an jealousy issues.

Looks like I will be posting about Rylin's arrival and birth before posting again about Cam (at 18 months!) Did I mention time is flying?!

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