Monday, November 11, 2013

#2: Week 13.

Finally finished up the first trimester. So ready for that burst of energy and appetite everyone is reminding me I got last go around. I haven't been miserable in the past few weeks but just not my normal self... just my pregnant normal self :)

13 weeks along.
Through the first trimester I had about a month of feeling pretty nauseous. But besides that it really has just been mainly lack of an appetite and less energy. One of the things I was most worried about with being pregnant with my second was that I wouldn't have enough energy to take care of Cameron. Thankfully most days have been fine, every once in a while he will have a bad day on a day I'm extremely tired. Those days we usually just hang at home and hibernate! 
It's so fun to compare this 13 weeks picture to mine last pregnancy. I'm definitely "showing" much more this go round. Although, I feel like I'm not showing "to the world" yet but I'm sure some people who don't know I'm pregnant are wondering what's up with the extra weight! haha
I've been working out atleast 3 times a week this pregnancy. I'm hoping that this will help me to gain more slowly this time and lose the weight faster after!
I've been to the doctor twice so far. First for our initial visit where we got to see our little munchkin and then our second visit where we got to hear sweet baby's heartbeat. It was a different experience taking Cameron with me to my appointments. Round 2 is very different, but not in a bad way. I think this pregnancy will fly by since we aren't just sitting around waiting for baby to get here... we have plenty of entertainment daily to keep us busy and occupied! 
Here's to another great few weeks before I go to the doctor again just before Thanksgiving! 


  1. Aw, you look so cute pregnant! Here's to a happy & healthy 6 more months!! Ready to see if its a boy or a girl?? Got names picked out yet? :)

    1. Thanks Morgan :) I can't wait to find out either! Jan. 2nd is our appointment! We have a few names, haven't quite committed though!