Monday, July 15, 2013


The much anticipated Thaxton family beach trip already came and flew by. All of us are still really in shock that it already came and went. We had fun! But vacation as a mom is a new, different thing. Previously my favorite vacay pastimes were sleeping in and not having anywhere to be at any given time. You're laughing if you just read that and your a mom. We woke up early and had naps to take :) One benefit of waking early was me and Cam had the whole pool to ourself one morning! Vacationing is different but still a lot of fun!!

Unfortunately Matthew had to work some so he joined us later in the week! It was such a bummer without him there for a while! I hate single parenting! But that did mean that me and Cam got to ride down with my parents which was fun:

First stop was in Milton, FL to celebrate our sweet Caroline's 1st birthday!! We have loved seeing this hyper baby turn into a hyper, walking around little girl! She is super fun and cute! Of course her party was adorable and we enjoyed it!! It was cupcake themed- perfect for SWEET Caroline! She thought her smash cake was pretty yummy!

After the party we headed to Ft. Morgan for our vacay!
The first day we spent some time on the beach:

And at the pool:

Lots of time with family:

On Tuesday was Gigi's actual 50th birthday! So you know we had to celebrate! It was wonderful having everyone together to try and make her day special!

She woke up to this:

We headed to Lulu's for lunch:

Then we headed to The Track for some go-carts! Gigi was flyin' out there (; 

Had a little birthday beach time:

And of course there was cake :) We ended the night with a party including chocolate cake, pink lemonade, 50 reasons we love her, gifts- which included a photo shoot for Friday at the beach for the fam!

We continued on Wednesday with more beach time:

 Because we're silly:

We love to celebrate in the Thaxton family. SO we threw April and Dustin {+ Emmaline} a baby shower! They were so surprised and I thought it turned out perfectly!!

I put all the girls monograms on koozies for the girls:

And we celebrated the 4th of July:

And of course there are many, many pictures on my phone that is just too much trouble to put on here! But this is a good description of our trip. Before everyone headed home we all went to eat at Lambert's Cafe and got way fat thrown some rolls.
This Watford family truly loves to get to spend time with out family and we cherish the fun time we have! So thankful for a wonderful family :)


  1. Love it!!! This made me want to go back right now. Want to meet us there? Haha! We had a great time and can't wait for the next #thaxtonfamvacay!

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