Monday, June 17, 2013

Cameron: Six Months.

What??? Half a year?
Wahhhhhhhh, not yet!
We can't believe our baby is half way to being a one year old.

Stats: 15 lb 12 oz (20%) weight , 26 in (25%) height, and 17 in (50%) head circumference.
Size 2 diapers (size 3 at night), 3-6 and 6 months clothes.

Firsts: First time swimming, first time to VBS, first Baron's baseball game, first time sitting in a restaurant highchair and riding in a shopping cart, first time meeting cousins Allen and Anna, first time using a sippy cup!

Milestones: You have truly amazed us this month- you've gone from a little helpless baby to a big boy who knows what he wants and can just about get it too. You have mastered the skill of sitting up. I still look at you sitting up and just can't believe it! When did you get so old? You put your paci back in with no problem and you love to talk and make new sounds. You crack us up when you blow and make your lips vibrate together making a sweet sound. You are basically the smiliest baby I know! No matter your mood, if we work hard enough we can get a smile out of you. You now realize when I'm in the room and also when I leave the room! I love that you now light up for me and daddy to hold you! :)

Food & Sleep: Sleep wise we are pretty much doing the same thing as last month. You are waking up atleast 2 times a night to eat. Ready for you to figure out what you were doing from month 1-4 again! :) We are adventuring into the fun world of trying all sorts of yummy puree's! This month you have tried sweet potato, green peas, bananas, and apple sauce. You are not a fan of the peas and bananas so far! You still nurse around every 3 hours- you let me know when you are ready! 

Our days: Still not on a consistent schedule. You typically wake up earlier now, around 7:30 and then may stay up till 10 and then take a morning nap. After that it just depends on you! Sometimes you want to nap often and other times hardly at all. You're always keeping us on our toes!

Favorites: Mommy and daddy love to see you sit up like a big boy!

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, Booboo

We love you more and more every day baby boy. You continue to amaze us with how quickly you are growing and learning! 

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