Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cameron: Five Months.

{On my actual 5 months birthday I was in Huntsville at Gigi and Pappy's house and was happy to celebrate with Caroline my big cousin turning 11 months the same day!!}

{Sometimes I make faces that make mommy giggle!}

{And sometimes we have out-takes of when I fall over and lick my basketball!}

Stats: No official stats this month. Although we did go in for a weight check early May. He only gained a few ounces from his four month appointment, then weighing 13 lbs and 1 oz. We go for another weight check next week. I'm pretty sure mister man has gained a few pounds :)
Size 2 diapers, 3-6 months clothes.

Firsts: First picnic at church, first wedding shower {Landon and Lindsey's}, Dedication Sunday at church, first time strawberry picking, first Auburn baseball game, first time to Wetumpka and meeting your great-great-grandfather {on his 95th birthday!}, first time in Southside nursery, first time to mommy's Huntsville favorite- Surin!

Milestones: Mister independent. You do so well playing in your exersaucer, on your playmat, and sitting in your boppy/bumbo. You can now {most of the time} put your paci in your mouth by yourself! When you're in the mood you are a giggle monster and chatter box!

Food & Sleep: This month has been hard in this area. As far as eating goes, I had an issue with my milk supply earlier this month and that proved for a lot of difficulty. I ended up feeding you, you getting upset and finishing with a bottle. Since your weight check we have added rice cereal twice a day. You are a great eater and haven't refused any. {Looking forward to starting some fruits and veggies in June} You eat every three hours still! Sleep- Oh the sleep. Sleep this month has been a disaster at night. You are still great during the day- taking plenty of naps and going down easily! Now back to nighttime. You now wake up two to three times EVERY night. I'm not sure how to work on this so we are just taking it night by night. It makes for one sleepy mommy & daddy though :)

Our days: We are on NO schedule at all. We just get done what we have to get done and go where we have to go. I've appreciated so much how you are so chill and go with the flow! You are great in the evening during playtime with daddy!

Favorites: Mommy & daddy loves to see you sit up like a big boy!

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, Little Man, Booboo, Baby Boy

Photos of your fifth month:

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