Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Week.

Today is Monday, I'm getting married THIS Saturday. I can't believe it's almost here!! But I'm beyond excited!!

It's been a wonderful wedding season which makes me look forward to an even more wonderful MARRIED season of my life! I was blessed with many sweet friends who honored me with parties and teas!

Thanks to Mrs. Hladky, Maci, Mrs. Bruton, Leslie, Mrs. Bradshaw, Mrs. Bagwell, and Heather for throwing me a Bridal Tea in Huntsville! It was wonderful :)

Thanks to many many sweet ladies that love Matthew for throwing me a Bridal Tea in Birmingham! It was so great to meet many of Matthew's family friends!

Thanks to Jeanna, Katherine, Elizabeth and Robyn for throwing us our "Couple's Shower" in Auburn!! It was so much fun!!

Thanks to Elizabeth McFarling for coordinating a fun relaxing night/day at the lake! It was so great to soak up some girl time and enjoy the wonderful weather!

Thanks to Elizabeth M and Paige for hosting my lingerie shower. It was exactly what I had hoped for... lots of fun and just a little awkward! :)

I told you I was super blessed :)

Well everything was going quite smoothly and I thought we may get through this wedding without any bumps. paaaaalease. I don't think that happens. So on Wednesday a bunch of crazy, vicious tornados decided to come through my beautiful state and mess some of it up. Tuscaloosa suffered through the worst of it with a F5 tornado destroying a lot of their city and suburbs... thankfully no damage to dorms holding lots of college students. Well, Ttown wasn't the only place that got hit. Harvest, Al did as well. And when they got hit the whole power plant got knocked out. So, ALL of Madison County was out of power. Instead of me heading to Madison on Friday it turned out mom, Wade, Amy, and Tatum headed towards Auburn on Thursday. After suffering through the anxiety of having our wedding with no power (definitely do-able, just not ideal!) looks like the power is starting to be restored. Wade and Amy have power, the church has power, the reception site has power. We are making progress :) Planning to head home tomorrow.

I never would have thought my wedding week would be like this... definitely memorable :)

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