Thursday, May 26, 2011


The most wonderful day.

The day I got to marry the love of my life and best friend.


The whole weekend was, in my eyes, absolutely perfect.

Friday is a blur (who am I kidding, so was Saturday). We had the bridesmaid's lunch which was all that I hoped it would be!

Later that night we had the rehearsal and dinner. Everything went smooth at the church and then lots of (happy) tears at the dinner. Oh those Watfords.

Spent the night with the girls at the hotel and got plenty of rest. Well, maybe I was a little sleepless. Woke up got that hair did, makeup done, snuck some chickfila, and got ready for pictures.

Had my sneak peek with Matthew and got on with some pictures. Now off to the wedding. Well we definitely didn't get all the tears out on Friday so we thought we would share them with everyone in attendance. (Sorry about that!) Yep, we both cried the whole way through. Once I finally made it through my vows we were practically done and walking out of the church to Lady A's "Love's Lookin' Good on You" :) Everything (well except maybe the tears) went exactly how I had pictured in my head for the ceremony. Next, reception time. Made it through the first dance and father/daughter and off to the cake cutting. Followed by lots of talking, dancing, and so much fun :)

Then off we go to Hawaii :) (a post to come about that!)

Thanks to everyone who has supported us :) And a BIG thanks to those who came to the wedding! Love yall!

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