Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rylin: Ten months.

No official stats this month
Size 2 diapers and 9-12 months clothes.

Firsts: First trip to the beach and getting in the sand, you didn't love the sand... but you did enjoy the vacation! First Easter and attending the Egg Roll in Providence in Huntsville. 

Milestones: You sit up, pull up, stand up, anything UP right now, all by yourself. You are miss independent and just having fun. You are a crawling girl! You love to just go all by yourself! 

Food: Nursing about 4 times a day, eating about 3 meals. You love to eat. 

Sleep: About the same as last month. Sleeping through the night from about 7 to 6-6:30. Mommy wishes you would sleep a little longer. You nap once in the morning around 9, for maybe an hour and a half. Then you nap again around 1:30. Pretty happy with how all this sleeping is going. 

Our days: This never really changes. You wake up nurse and eat breakfast a little while after that. Play and then nap and nurse again. Play and eat lunch and then nap again. Nurse when you wake up, play and dinner and play some more till bedtime :)

Favorites: Mommy and daddy love to see you get more and more mobile. 

Oh girl, we love you and your sweet self so so much. You are just the perfect addition to our family. So thankful for you and your crazy self. Brother loves you lots too! 

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