Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cameron: 21 months.

Our crazy ball of energy is 21 months... somehow. I'm kinda in disbelief that my sweet boy is only 3 short months away from being 2. It's a crazy thought. 

Cameron is just the happiest, most energetic, outside loving boy. He keeps our little family entertained to say the least. He is a chatter box. As the months go by he continues to add words to his vocabulary and does such a good job of copying words we say. He's also added jibberjabbing a whole lot. He will just start talking and we have no idea what he says. It sounds like it might be annoying but it really is pretty cute. Cameron is doing a great job working on his motor skills. He will follow commands like jump, touch your toes, stomp, touch your head, run around! It's really fun and great exercise! He also has been getting some great exercise by getting out of the stroller after our run and running (with little walking) back to our house. Some nights he goes almost a whole mile. All of that reminds me that this child LOVES to be outside. He's always looking out the window, getting everyone's shoes, or trying to open the door and just get outside. (Which he sometimes just opens... we have to make sure we lock it now so he doesn't escape!) Besides being outside Cameron recently has a passion for all things transportation. He just loves cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes! He loves playing with his hot wheels (and tractors, trucks and other cars), looking and listening for airplanes and helicopters, seeing the trains at Cheekwood, and alerting us of all the trucks on the road! It's so fun and I love him having "a thing!"

Cameron currently is wearing 18-24 month clothes and is in size 4 diapers! We just moved him in size 5 shoe (5.5W keds)! He usually wakes by 7 and naps at 1. From nap he will sleep till 3 atleast and then go down for bed around 7:30! Of course Cameron is great to go with the flow if needed too! He sometimes eat so great and is hardly picky at all. And then some other times he won't eat anything we offer. Cam loves to snack and just loves eating in general. He still drinks a cup of milk with each meal and typically has a morning and afternoon snack. Of course he still love fruit the most! 

Besides being a fun, sweet boy... Cameron is a great big brother. He loves little Rylin more than I ever imagined he would. He loves to give her kisses, hold her, give her paci's, and share his toys! I love it when he lays down on her playmat with her! (Until he tries to roll on top of her! Eck!!)

We love you CamMan and we aren't sure what we would do without you. You keep us on our toes and are so much fun! You are the perfect fit for our family. Keep growing strong and sweet!

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