Sunday, June 12, 2011


In the Thaxton family birthdays are celebrated all out! But, I am now a Watford and have had to do some adjusting. :) One fun thing we have as a couple is having close birthdays. I probably enjoy it more than Matthew.

For my birthday I, of course, extended it for a "birthday weekend!" The Saturday before the big day we met my fam in Birmingham for a birthday dinner and super fun trip to the Vulcan!

Sunday night Matthew took me to Amsterdam Cafe for a yummy dinner. We had planned to go see Something Borrowed but the website had it wrong so we missed the last showing for the night... I was slightly disappointed! Instead we rented Life as We Know It, and it was goood!

So then on my actual birthday, the 30th (which happened to be Memorial Day so everyone was off of work and school!) Matthew brought me some chickfila for breakfast! Later we hung out with some sunday school friends at Blake and Katherine's. That night we went to Niffer's with some friends and then played some dancing on the Kinect!

Next up... Matthew's birthday!! We got a little pre-celebration while we were at the beach this past weekend. Mom and Dad let him loose in the Under Armour outlet and he came out with a new pair of shoes and shorts! He was a happy boy :) We went to The Crab Trap before heading out on Sunday so Matthew got a little birthday cake there!

Unfortunately we had to work/school on his big day. Of course I wanted to try and make it as special as I could! So me and my kiddos worked hard to make some orange and blue cupcakes and took them up to his work to surprise him!

When he FINALLY got home from work Matthew opened his present. :) I gave him an Apple wireless keyboard. He sure does love his gadgets! For dinner we went to Matthews favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, or lovingly referred to as the O.G. We weren't doing dessert there so this is what the waitress brought out! How clever is she :) Little did she know he loves those things!

After we headed to Mammaws for some dessert! I made Matthews favorite chocolate pie and Mammaw had made Blackberry cobbler. Little to say we didn't leave hungry. YUM.

So that is all of our fun birthday fun. We're now 1 year older and wiser ready to take on life as a 22 and 21 year old :)

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